Order Online

The Weber’s Bakery Online Store is here to stay!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not send confirmations via text or email when your order is ready.  Please make a note of the pickup date and time you select, and come pick up your order at or after that time.  We’ll keep your order until the end of the day in case you’re running late!

If you order online, you can still take advantage of curbside walkup. Here’s how.

  • Place your order online.  Payment will be required at this time.
  • Drive to the bakery at your scheduled pickup time, park in the large parking lot or out front, and walk to the large white tent in the small parking lot on the west side of the building.
  • Text or call 708-793-2026 (this is our curbside line) once you’ve arrived and let us know the following information: your last name and the last four digits of your phone number.
  • We will be right out with your order!

PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT place a same-day order for pickup online! Orders for the next day are cut off around 12:00 PM each day. If you’d like to place a same-day order or a decorated cake order, please call our store at 773-586-1234 OR stop in and order in person! Thank you.