Raisin Hoska

A hand-braided, rich, sweet-dough bread chock full of golden raisins. This bread is delicious toasted and buttered for a wonderful breakfast option. As a special treat, we offer red and green hoska at Christmas and a beautiful pastel six-color hoska during Lent.

Basket full of raisin koska bread

Grandpa Rye Bread

A large three-pound loaf of robust rye bread, perfect as a base for large sandwiches, or as a complement to any meal. Made with caraway seeds! We especially enjoy it with soup.

Basket full of Grandpa rye bread loaves

Cinnamon Raisin Cylinder

A unique circular shape sets off this delicious loaf. Just out of the oven, it is brushed with butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. This bread makes excellent breakfast toast with butter- or even peanut butter!

Cinnamon raisin cylinder loaves

Sauerkraut Rye Bread

A round loaf of moist rye bread with homemade sauerkraut and caraway seeds kneaded into the dough makes this a true specialty bread that is very tasty and unique. It’s also the perfect size for bread bowl soup!

Sliced loaf of sauerkraut rye bread