Weber’s Bakery carries a wide variety of cookies. We have something to satisfy every sweet tooth—including chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, and sprinkles. Of course, all of our cookies are made from scratch.

Almond Horn Cookies

Our almond horn cookies are made with a buttery dough and premium finely-ground almonds. Topped with powdered sugar, these cookies truly melt in your mouth! They are available year-round and are a classic favorite.

Pile of almond horn cookies

Butter Cookie Overwraps

The name says it all—these cookies are made with real butter. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, we dip them in a sweet buttercream mixture and decorate them with colorful sprinkles. We sell these year-round in one-pound trays, but large pyramids are available at holidays and by special request. For all of the chocolate-lovers out there: look for one-pound overwraps featuring a row of our chocolate butter cookies! The dough is a chocolate-butter base, and the cookies are enrobed in our delicious chocolate candy coating

Sugar cookies wrapped in icing and sprinkles

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

These classic cookies are guaranteed to please any crowd. Each chewy cookie is loaded with chocolate chips. They are available year-round.

Miniature chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Our oatmeal cookies are moist and chewy. Large California raisins add another dimension of texture and flavor.

Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Our peanut butter cookies are rich and creamy because we stir real peanut butter into the batter. We drizzle them with a generous amount of chocolate. They’re available year-round.

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate drizzle

Chocolate Pecan Drop Cookies

It’s almost impossible to stop eating these delicious cookies. Each one is chock-full of pecans and topped with a large drop of chocolate. They are available year-round.

Chocolate Pecan Drop Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Our sugar cookies look different depending on the season, but they are always made with the same sweet and satisfying dough. We enrobe them with colored chocolate and decorate them for every occasion! Look for smiley faces in the summer, pumpkins and mummies in the fall, hearts and shamrocks in the spring, and many more seasonal variations.

Tray of smiley face sugar cookies

Seasonal Cookies

At Weber’s Bakery, we save some of our most traditional and beloved cookies for the holidays. Our almond florentines, pfeffernusse cookies, gingerbread Santas, chocolate mint cookies, and pecan dreams are available starting in November—and they are all worth the wait!

Chocolate covered Almond Florentines
Almond Florentines
Bags of Pfeffernusse Cookies
Pfeffernusse Cookies
Gingerbread Santas
Mint cookies with chocolate drizzle
Chocolate Mint Cookies